“My son, daughter and nephew have all attended Rising Scholars Montessori and I would highly recommend it. The school is organized, clean and most importantly, the teachers are kind and gentle with the children. They do a wonderful job delivering a Montessori curriculum with a modern touch. At least a couple times a week, my kids have left school excited to tell me about what they had learned that day. Seeing the twinkle in my children’s eyes as they explained to me their new learned knowledge has always made my heart feel full and confirmed my decision for placing them with Rising Scholar Montessori. Thank you to all the ladies!

    • Melanie – 2019

“Sending my daughter to this preschool was the best decision we have made for her growth and development. She took a couple of weeks to adjust from being away from home, but now she can’t wait to get to school. The teachers are amazing and the curriculum is outstanding. The five day a week program creates routine and consistency, we love it!!!

    • Rinspal – 2019

“My son goes to Rising Scholars Montessori and I cannot even begin to discribe in words how much I love the program and even more how much I love his teachers Ms Zohreen & Ms Azia. My son is in his second year here and within first 4 months of putting him in the program last year I notice a tremendous difference in his vocabulary, social skills and his general knowledge. He is now 4.5 and is able to handle a pencil he is learning to write his name . He is able to Identify most continents on a map and his memorization skills are amazing. I owe all of that to the teaching he received at Rising Scholars from Ms Zohreen and Ms Azia. I am a overly protective parent so when my child started there Ms Zohreen and Ms Azia had to curb my anxiety of letting him go and go to school and they have done so with such ease . They are so loving and caring and nurturing towards the kids ( I know I waited outside the class room watching for 2 weeks ) lol . When I drop my son off I know he is in the best hands and he will be well taken care of . I also love how we get updated with any changes and the report cards are a sweet touch . The school is super super clean and it’s scecure. My son loves the teachers so much he always tells me how kind they are and when he is away from school to long he does miss them . If I could recommend any program to any parent this is it ! This is where I would want my child to go if ms Zohreen and ms Azia could offer k-9 I wouldn’t ever move my kid. Thank you Rising Scholars for such an amazing experience !

    • Rinku – 2019

I cannot say enough good things about this school. The school itself is bright and spotlessly clean and it backs onto a beautiful pond. I couldn’t think of a more perfect school setting. Miss Zohreen and Miss Azia are kind, loving and absolutely incredible teachers. Our daughter is already starting to read and doing basic mathematics. Just the other day she drew a shape and told me it was a curvilinear triangle. Baffled, I googled ‘curvilinear triangle’ and sure enough there a picture of the curved triangle that she drew!

Sending our daughter to Rising Scholars is the best thing we have done for our daughter’s early education. Thank you Miss Zohreen and Miss Azia!

    • Janice – 2018

Rising Scholars was the best thing for my twin girls. They were super super shy prior to entering school and through the gentle and effective approach from Miss Zohreen and Miss Azia, they flourished. They fondly remember Rising Scholars and everytime we drive by the school now, they ask if they can go back.

Academically, it really prepared them for the program they are in now (Cogito) and I can see how the foundation they developed helped them adjust to a new school.

We are super grateful for Rising Scholars and Miss Zohreen and Miss Azia!

  • Neeja – 2018

“My daughter went to rising scholars for 2 years and learnt so much and had a lot of fun.  The teachers were fantastic!!!

  • Liliana – 2018

“Rising Scholars is an awesome Montessori school. They integrate the MOntessori philosphy of teaching using the Montessori materials in a compassionate environment. They focus on developing each child in a group environment as well as individually. My daughter has learned so much in this last year and has really enjoyed coming to school. I really like how they understand each child is unique and help them to strive. Miss Zohreen is a great teacher and the kids really like her. The kids learn but also have fun events inbetween like field trips, holiday celebrations, pajama day, etc. I would highly recommend this school.”

  • Jamie – 2017

“Rising scholars Montessori is a great preschool program. My daughter has really enjoyed her time there and has improved a lot in her learning. The teachers Miss Zohreen and Miss Azia are very passionate about teaching and the children’s development. I recommend this school 100%.”

  • Shamra – 2017

“In the last two years of my daughter attending Rising Scholars Montessori Inc. we have been so impressed with her progress. Miss Zohreen has given her a wonderful foundation to start off her education. She has developed into a confident and social little girl. She is also so excited to get to school and learn something new each day. You can see how much the teachers are adored by the students. Miss Zohreen is a patient, kind, and trustworthy educator who clearly loves children and what she does. We are thrilled that our daughter is part of such a gem of a preschool!”

  • Bianca – 2017

“I am really pleased with this school. The teachers are very friendly and welcoming. My daughter has learnt so much in such a sort of time. She really enjoys going to school. I would recommend Rising Scholars Montessori Inc. to anybody wanting their child to get a head start in learning. We look forward to another year at this school.”

  • Liliana – 2017

“Best school ever!! My daughter was here last year (she’s now in grade school) and loved it. She still talks about how much she loves her “old school” and misses Miss Zohreen”

  • Laura – 2016

“My daughter absolutely adores Rising Scholars! Best decision to send her! Miss Zohreen is great too.”

  • Bianca – 2016

“Rising scholars is a mother’s dream come true! Our son loves going to school and is actually upset when there is no school. I feel sad that we are moving out of the neighbourhood next year. He will truly miss his teachers and friends.”

  • Nazia – 2016

“Amazing preschool! My son loves it!! Excellent Montessori program!”

  • Izabella – 2015

“Amazing montessori curriculum!!!! My son is really enjoying the learning opportunities provided by Miss Zohreen. I am very happy with the program.”

  • Barinder – 2016

“Miss Zohreen is amazing. Our daughters transition into preschool was painless. We love the Montessori curriculum and the atmosphere at Rising Scholars.”

  • Alanna – 2015

“The environment in great, my son loves his teacher and he is developing quite well. Hight recommend. Love the interest that is placed on his development.”

  • Annie -2015
“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” Maria Montessori


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